North Suburbs of Athens


Next to the upscale area of Ekali, these rural areas are very green and full of trees. Most of the homes are spacious single residences or maisonettes, with good size gardens and in some cases swimming pools. Rents are reasonable and a good value for money. Both areas are fairly well situated for the schools in the north but quite a distance from Athens City centre. Connection to the Lamia National Road and Attiki Odos is through an exit at Ekali. Grocery shopping can be done in Ekali or Drossia.


One of the most exclusive and expensive suburbs of Athens. Well situated for the international schools in the north, the area is green, rural and boasts some of the finest villas in Athens, wonderful housing options for big families and expatriates in Athens. Most of the homes are single residenceswith impressive gardens and private swimming pools. In the summer, it is cooler here than in coastal areas and it is convenient for walking or running.
The Ekali Club is the sports and social club in the area with swimming pool and tennis courts butmembership is necessary. There is a large supermarket off the National Road, and Kifissia is close by and offers a great variety of shops and restaurants, an area where many expatriates live and meet. Access to the National Road, which runs south to Piraeus, Corinthos and the Peleponnese and north to Thessalonika, is very easy and many people use it to commute to work in Athens and Piraeus from here.

Kifissia/Nea Erythrea/Kefalari

Kifissia is a major shopping area and offers some of the finest shops and restaurants in Athens. It is ideal for accommodating the needs of expatriates. Originally established as an area where Athenians used to have their summer houses, people now live permanently in these districts. Slightly closer to Athens than Ekali, many expatriates live here as it is close to St Catherine’s school, Campion school and not far from ACS, the Lycee Francais and Deutsche Schule Athen. The train line to Piraeus starts at Kifissia (and connects with the Metro at Attiki and Omonia stations) and it is convenient for travelling in to Athens. Kefalari and Strofili are some very nice parts of Kifisia. Most residences in the area are apartments or maisonettes in with small or bigger gardens. You can also find some very nice single homes. Rents are on the high side.


A very attractive area with some wonderful views of Athens and the surrounding mountains. As with Ekali and Kifissia it is cooler in the summer and there is a chance that you could be snowed-in in the winter as some parts of the area are high up. There are new buildings in the area and a good variety ofhouses and maisonettes are available. It is ideal for accommodating the residential needs of expatriates as it is also very close to the International schools in Athens, such as St Catherine’s British Embassy School, Melina’s Kinder garden, ISA International School of Athens, Tassis Hellenic.  Kifissia shopping centre is easily accessible by bus and there are some good restaurants and cafes in the area. Politia Tennis Club is the sports and social club in the area with swimming pool and tennis courts.


Relatively new areas of Athens with many new, large apartment buildings mostly inhabited by locals. Out of town with fresh air and very easy access to Attiki Odos and the Metro. These areas are also close the foreign schools in the Northern Suburbs and a good alternative to Kifissia and Ekali as the rents are lower and good value for money.


In the last 15 years it has become the business center of Athens as it is home of the headquarters of most Multinational Corporations in Greece. Some parts of Marousi are very built up and you will find mainly apartments and some big compounds of flats/residences. The area also offers many modern furnished apartments catering to a traveling professional crowd and focused on living and working overseas. Demand is very high so properties rent very fast. There are numerous shops in the area as well as three big shopping centers, the Mall, the Avenue and the Golden Hall. Marousi has excellent connection to both the train to Piraeus as well as the Metro to Athens and the Suburban rail and it is also close to Attiki Odos the free way of Athens.


Approximately half way between Athens and Ekali, Psyhico and Filothei are very exclusive and expensive areas, very attractive with both houses and small blocks of apartments. Both areas are very green and boast small quiet streets great for walking, cycling or running. They are ideal for expatriates as they are close to all international schools in the North of Athens, especially ACS, the Lycee Francais and Deutsche Schule Athen. It should be noted that there are no corner shops  in close proximity to houses as the areas are residential only. However, there are supermarkets on Kifissias Avenue (the main highway up from Athens) and several good shops, hairdressers, trendy restaurants and cafes across the avenue. Psyhico and Filothei are also situated close to all the mainhospitals. Home of many embassies, diplomats and business executives in Athens they are topchoices for the ones who want to be close to everything.


Approximately 20 to 30 minutes by car from Athens. Holargos is a district where you can find nice apartments at reasonable rents. It is also a cool and fresh area, especially if you live on the mountainside and away from main roads. There are not many houses with gardens available. The area has good shops and supermarkets with many local corner shops. Papagos is a very nice, quiet and green residential only area with some nice apartments and a few homes with gardens. Because of low supply the rents are relatively higher.  Both are great locations as they offer very good accessto all parts of the city, since they are close to Attiki Odos and the Metro. They are a good choice for families who wish to be close to the French School, ACS-American Community School, Byron College, Campion School and the German School.

Halandri/Agia Paraskevi

These districts are very built up in parts and, although there are some houses, you will find mainly apartments. Many expatriates chose to live here because ACS – the American Community School and the French Lycee are close by, as well as Pierce and Deree College. There are some very pleasant residential areas close to the French school. There are numerous shops of all kinds in the area and good bus services. Ag Paraskevi is fairly close to the Attiki Odos and, therefore, accessible to the airport at Spata. It is also not too far from the port of Rafina and Campion school. Both areas offer very good access to the metro and all parts of the city.