South Suburbs of Athens

Paleo Faliro/Kalamaki

Paleo Faliro is on the coast at the end of Syngrou Avenue coming from Athens. Ideally suited for those who want to live by the sea, be within a reasonable distance of Athens or Piraeus and do not mind high-rise blocks of flats. Once a summer resort, nearly all the small, old villas have now gone from Paleo Faliro and have been replaced by seven/eight storey blocks of flats. If you rent an apartment on the sea front you will have amagnificent view. The streets, however, are narrow and parking can be a real problem. There is a good shopping area with supermarkets, dress shops, restaurants and hairdressers. The beach front area of Flisvosoffers strolls in the luxurious yachts marina with nice restaurants and cafes.
Kalamaki is very close to Paleo Faliro on the road leading towards Glyfada. Housing is very similar to Paleo Faliro with reasonable rents and bright apartments with good views if by the sea.


Glyfada has grown over the past twenty years and is now one of the leading residential areas of southern Athens. Glyfada has also become a commercial centre as many major companies have opened up offices in the area in an effort to avoid the pollution and traffic/parking problems of central Athens. There is plenty of property to let in Glyfada and many of the buildings are new and in good condition. You can find villas and maisonettes to rent as well as apartments of all sizes. Rents vary depending on the age of the building and on the location (Ano Glyfada/Terpsithea/Argyroupoli are generally cheaper). A new tramway makes travel to and from the city much easier. Glyfada has the only golf course in Athens. There is a major shopping area and every type of restaurant that you can think of. There is also an abundance of nightclubs on the sea front although many only operate in the summer months.


Voula is close to Glyfada and very similar. There is a small shopping centre and a pleasant children’s park/cafe on the sea front. Rents are similar to those in Glyfada with landlords asking for higher rents for properties in Panorama which is on the mountainside and has stunning sea views. You can find houses with swimming pools but there are not many and rents are automatically pushed up. The closest international school that most of the children living in the South Suburbs of Athens attend is St. Lawrence College.


Slightly further down the coast you come to Kavouri and then Vouliagmeni. Both areas are primarily residentialand rents are high. Many people come to Kavouri and Vouligmeni to swim as the beaches are reasonably well maintained and the water is much cleaner than in areas such as Glyfada and Paleo Faliro. For non-drivers, the area is not practical as there are no corner shops and no major supermarkets. Vouliagmeni is very good for allwater sports and has a fresh water lake (below sea level), which is used for bathing all year round.


Vari is an area under development and rents are much lower than in other coastal areas. It is well situated for the airport but also suffers from heavy traffic because of this. There are apartments for rent but they are usually no bigger than 140 sq m. Small maisonettes can be found in Miladesa and Korbi but they have very little garden and are generally quite small.
Varkiza, until recently, was a summer resort with mainly apartment buildings. There is a daily fish market on the sea front and most basic shops. The area is quiet in winter but livens up in the summer with many open-air restaurants and cafes. Varkiza has a new cinema which is a good alternative to those in Glyfada as parking is easy and children’s films are shown in English as opposed to being dubbed.

Ag Marina/Lagonisi/Saronida

If you really want to get away from crowds and traffic/parking problems, Aghia Marina, Lagonisi or Saronida are good alternatives. 50% of those who live in these areas are now permanent as opposed to summer residents. That said, it is still quiet in the winter. A car is essential as public transport is not good. There are some very nice properties with swimming pools for rent and many apartments/houses have good sea views. New roads have recently been built which make access to the new airport and to the North of Athens, via the Attiki Odos, quick and practical (particularly if you want your child to attend Campion or ACS). There are many good Greek tavernas in the area but few major shops or supermarkets and few petrol stations. Most people go to Glyfada to do their shopping. There is a good tennis club in Saronida and several open-air cinemas in the summer.